Job Opportunity

Due to the needs of scientific research and laboratory development, IC-DLI is now looking for postdoctoral researchers with backgrounds in geological microbiology, microbial ecology, environmental microbiology, etc. Those who love scientific research are also welcomed to join us.


Requirement: Current or prospective Ph.D. degree holders in geology, microbiology, ecology, environmental microbiology and other related majors. Those who have published high level international academic papers in environmental microorganism or microbial geochemistry are highly preferred.


Responsibility: Engagement in microbial, geochemical and ecological research.


Salary range: From the annual income of RMB 180,000, other bonus may be provided according to the relevant postdoctoral regulations of Shanghai Jiao Tong University ( Applicants who meet the requirements will be recommended to apply for national funds, postdoctoral fund and various talent plans, etc. Those with excellent work performance would gain the opportunity to compete for teaching and research positions in Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


Please send the application materials (including resume, research proposal, recommendation letters and other supporting materials) to, and indicate "postdoctoral application" in the subject of the email.